om·ni  (ŏm′nē) – prefix; all; in all ways, places, etc.; without limits.

OmniSMS is your NextGen Aviation Management System. Designed and built for all aviation service providers, OmniSMS is totally customizable to the size and scope of your company, the type(s) of operations you conduct, and the standards you need to meet. Call us today and bring your Aviation Management System to the modern standard.

World Class SMS solutions for every Aviation Service Provider…

What's new at OmniSMS

  • Threat & Error Management

    November 11, 2016

    Threat and error management (TEM) is not new; we've been practicing it at some level for decades, and it occurs in just about every flight…

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  • My Organizational Accident

    September 8, 2016

    My Organizational Accident [audio wav=""][/audio] On January 06, 1996, Convair 440 N358SA crashed while on approach to Spokane International Airport (KGEG). The aircraft was being…

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OmniSMS Includes:

  • Web based, mobile friendly application
  • Flight & Ground Operational Risk Assessments
  • Internal Evaluation Program w/Audit Checks
  • SMS Manual wtih Part 5/SMSVP processes
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • SMS eLearning courses for employees and managers

OmniSMS Supports:

  • Barrier-based event risk classification
  • LOSA observations using TEM Model
  • IOSA and ISSA global audit programs
  • MEDA/REDA error decision aids
  • Multi-dimensional risk assessments
  • AS9100 aerospace quality standards