OmniSMS Management System



FAA’s SMS Part 5, AC 120-92, and SMS Voluntary Program standards are now codified.

Meet the SMSVP standard now with OmniSMS. There is no faster way to complete SMSVP design validation and design demonstration phases.

Not a US commercial operator? FAA’s SMSVP standard is no more burdensome to meet than other SMS standards… if you have the right tools.

Emergency response plan, SMS audit checklists, scalable SMS

OmniSMS System Overview

Quality and Safety Management Tools that Work Together

OmniSMS delivers professionally developed SMS and QMS tools that interface properly, due to their integrated design:

  • SMS Manual / Emergency Response Plan / Event Investigation Program;
  • Quality Assurance Program / Audit checklists for internal and vendor audits;
  • Mobile-friendly FRAT and GRAT operational risk assessments;
  • SMS training for personnel and managers;

…and version 4 of our award-winning SMS software to produce more than just an SMS; it’s an integrated safety and quality management system that’s totally configurable, scalable, affordable and effective.

What makes OmniSMS different?

Clear and concise written guidance, with procedures that describe how to perform SMS processes within the application; safety risk management methods that look at barriers and controls when analyzing and assessing risk; structured data sets that facilitate safety performance measurement and identification of trends; controls, to ensure that all assigned tasks are accomplished; training courses for front-line personnel and managers, to transfer knowledge and effect positive change in your company’s safety culture; support that’s personalized and experienced.  In short, thousands of hours of professional development by operators and business owners who understand both SMS and aviation, from an operator’s perspective.

 Barrier-based Web Application

OmniSMS incorporates barriers and controls into risk management processes, to facilitate understanding of how hazards can result in unwanted events. This includes both reactive risk assessments of events that have already occurred, and proactive assessments of safety issues. Starting with a comprehensive taxonomy of barriers and controls, OmniSMS users then configure terms to align with their unique operations. Controls are grouped by threat to facilitate bowtie analysis, and are continually improved upon as data input reveals which controls are working and which are not. If you don’t identify your risk controls, you can’t accurately assess risk!

Operational Risk Assessments

ORAs (aka Flightrisk assessment tool or FRAT) are totally configurable in OmniSMS. Create an ORA template for winter operations, international operations, special ops. etc., each with their own unique hazards and weighted factors. Due to their configurable design, operational risk assessments can also be created for various maintenance, line service, and special ops. like firefighting, search and rescue, night vision goggles, patrol, etc. Unlike many FRAT tools that provide little more than overall numeric risk values, hazards identified from OmniSMS ORAs can be trended and compared with contributing / causal factors (from event investigations) and identified / managed factors (from proactive safety issues).

And More

OmniSMS helps you effectively manage safety and quality issues from anywhere in the world.

  • Revise your SMS Manual in MS WORD format, then publish in .pdf format for all employees to access in the Reference Library. Upload other company manuals, too.
  • Receive email alerts when an online report is received, and notify department / base managers of event investigation and risk management responsibilities via email, from your iPhone or other PDA.
  • Publish memos and safety comms from within OmniSMS to convey information to user-defined groups, and record acknowledgements.
  • Utilize our online SMS eLearning courses for effective SMS implementation and to develop your organization’s positive safety culture.

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