eCourse: SMS Training for Managers

This course of training builds on knowledge gained in the course: SMS Training for Personnel. It is for all supervisors, department managers, safety staff, and senior management. The course is self-paced; approximate time to complete the eight modules herein is 3.0 hours. This course is suitable to meet both initial and recurrent SMS training requirements.

Course Objectives

To provide all supervisors, department managers, safety staff, and senior management with quality training regarding their roles, responsibilities, accountabilities and authorities as they pertain to safety management; to enable all levels of management to foster, promote and actively develop their company’s positive safety culture; to apply knowledge of human factors to organizational safety; to perform safety & quality assurance through internal and vendor audits; to effectively manage reports received from the Employee Reporting System; to understand and apply Safety Risk Management to long-range planning and the management of change; to develop effective risk controls which include monitoring, follow-up and communication of lessons learned; and to understand managers’ roles and responsibilities during accident investigation.


Successful completion of this course of training within the previous 12 calendar months, OR  successful completion of the course: SMS Training for Personnel within the previous 12 calendar months.

Course Structure

This course is comprised of eight modules, each with one or more topics. After each module are review questions with feedback provided to enhance learning and reinforce knowledge gained. The course:

  • May be completed in more than one session;
  • Requires all quizzes to be completed / corrected to 100%
  • Permits the student to print quiz results for each module;
  • May be reviewed for up to 90 days;
  • Produces a record of training within the Learning Management System.

Instructional Methods

Instruction is delivered via on-line computer program interaction which includes visual text, audio narration, images, and other graphics.


Students first enroll in the course, and then log in to access the course. If the student is unable to complete the course in one session, the student may log out. The program records module completions and review questions answered. When returning to the course, the student may resume at the last point of progress.

Completion and Certificate

A student has completed the course when all pages within all modules have been accessed, and all review questions have been answered correctly. Each module contains 10 quiz questions. A certificate of completion is generated upon course completion and can be immediately downloaded / printed. In addition, we retain a record of your transcript and all course completions for no less than 2 years.

Course Modules

  • Introduction to SMS for Managers
  • Roles & Responsibilities of Managers
  • Safety Promotion
  • Human Factors & Organizational Safety
  • Safety Assurance and Internal Evaluation
  • Hazard Reporting and Management
  • Safety Risk and Change Management
  • Introduction to Accident Investigation