SMS Manuals and Programs


Professionally developed and delivered in MS Word format for you to edit and publish.

OmniSMS guidance goes beyond manuals and programs to include reference tutorials within the web app that help your process owners effectively manage risk.

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SMS Manual

Aligned with the Omni SMS Web Application

Omni’s SMS Manual template is a practical application of ICAO, Transport Canada and FAA guidance, designed to be used in conjunction with the OmniSMS web application. Comprehensive and professionally written to the highest commercial standards, the SMS Manual is structured in accordance with ICAO’s SMS Framework and (for US Part 135 operators), contains specific regulatory requirements (SRRs) from FAA’s SMSVP standard.

This produces a standardized and auditable document, ensuring FAA acceptance of your SMS during design validation. Organizations outside the US may also be assured of SMS acceptance by their regulators, as all ICAO, IS-BAO, Transport Canada, and EASA requirements for SMS have been addressed within the SMS Manual and the OmniSMS web application.

Our SMS Manual is NOT to be used “off-the-shelf”, however. You are responsible for all aspects of safety management within your company, including products and services received from vendors. It’s up to you and your management team to review and further edit your SMS Manual, and when design performance demonstrations occur, to know its contents.


Here’s a sample of our SMS Manual, which was developed in concert with the OmniSMS web application. The OmniSMS Manual includes:

  • Policy statements for safety, quality, non-punitive reporting and emergency response – all ready for editing,  review and publishing;
  • Procedures for performing safety risk management (SRM) and safety assurance (SA) processes within the OmniSMS application;
  • Procedures for creation of custom operational risk assessments (ORAs aka FRAT / GRAT) flightrisk and groundrisk assessment tools;
  • Aviation safety action (ASAP) and voluntary disclosure reporting (VDRP) programs with procedures for use of the OmniSMS web application to support reporting / discovery of violations and event review committee (ERC) decisions / actions;
  • Fatigue risk management and flight data analysis (FDAP / FOQA) programs.

Are you an SMSVP applicant? Get on the fast track to SMSVP conformance with the OmniSMS Aviation Management System. This starts with your SMS Manual, which contains specific regulatory references to all SMSVP requirements.

OmniSMS Supporting Programs

Supporting programs are included with your OmniSMS subscription. Keep a small and manageable SMS Manual aboard your aircraft, simplify your revisions, and select appropriate written guidance for the task at hand, using this modular approach.

Want your Employee Reporting System to be a full-blown Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP), complete with FAA involvement and Memorandum of Understanding, in accordance with AC 120-66? No problem, we have it.

What about a Voluntary Disclosure Reporting Program IAW AC 00-58A…? This tool has finally come into its own with SMS, allowing you to disclose potential violations to FAA and implement corrective actions (in the OmniSMS application), thereby removing “skeletons” from your records closet, and reducing your risk of violations and civil penalties.

Save hundreds of hours of work with Omni’s SMS Manual template.