SMS Training Program

SMS Training Program e-Learning Overview

Omni Air Group offers both a la carte short courses and the following six bundled, comprehensive web-based SMS eLearning courses:

  • Initial and Recurrent SMS Training Program for Front-line Personnel
  • Initial and Recurrent SMS Training Program for Managers / Safety Staff
  • Initial and Recurrent SMS Training Program for the Accountable Executive

Courses are delivered in your browser or iPad / mobile device with modules that run between 15 and 30 minutes each. A short quiz is delivered at the end of each module. Provide SMS training and qualification for all personnel and managers with single sign-on from within OmniSMS, or login directly to the OmniSMS eLearning Center. Provide SMS safety orientation training to new-hires and newly-promoted supervisors & managers. Revisit and review all completed courses anywhere, anytime, as often as you like.

OmniSMS subscribers enjoy free 24 / 7 / 365 day access to all courses, for all employees.

As recommended by ICAO’s Safety Management Manual, we use a “building block” approach to SMS e-Learning, whereby each successive course builds upon knowledge gained in the previous course. This approach increases learning retention and also allows managers to fully understand the SMS message being delivered to front-line workers. Quizzes are provided for each course and corrected to 100%. Quiz results may be printed, and designated managers can run activity, completion, and customized reports from directly within the Learning Management System.

Sample a Course Module

Beyond SMS Theory and Concepts

Most Aviation SMS industry courses require travel, several consecutive days of study, and cost thousands of dollars. SMS courses such as those offered by ICAO and the Mitre corporation are excellent – but are they teaching you how to develop your SMS or how to manage and operate one? Another challenge facing many organizations is how to condense this complex field of study into a message that is understood and accepted by both front-line personnel and supervisors / managers.

Omni SMS e-Learning courses teach the practical application of SMS to your employees, confirming and validating your company’s commitment to a positive safety culture. These eCourses provide personnel at all levels of management with a real-world understanding of SMS concepts and applied methods regarding:

  • Safety and Quality Policies
  • Roles, Responsibilities, and Authorities of all Personnel
  • Human Factors (and what we can do about them)
  • Hazard Identification and Reporting
  • Managing Safety Reports
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Safety Risk Management (at individual and departmental levels)
  • Safety Assurance
  • Safety Promotion
  • Internal Evaluation (Quality Assurance)
  • Intro to Accident Investigation

Introduction to SMS Training Program – Classroom Training for your Management Team

Let us bring the training to you! Introduction to Safety Management Systems is an essential course for managers who are developing their own SMS or are about to implement Omni Air Group’s Quality SMS. This course consists of PowerPoint presentations, formal lecture, workbook, sample exercises and open discussion regarding the practical application of SMS in your organization. Contact us to learn more.