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AS9100D was released September 20, 2016. This version includes requirements for configuration management, risk management, special requirements, critical items, on-time delivery, project management, supplier scope of approval and others.

Prepare for AS9101D process-focused and performance-based audit requirements coming June 15, 2017 with the OmniSMS management system.

SMS Meets AS9100

Process Approach

Configure OmniSMS to support your unique functional areas and processes with admin-defined taxonomies and heirarchies of terms. Then align functional areas with your organizational structure and create custom groups for email notifications, memos and more. It’s all configurable in OmniSMS. Data collection is grouped by functional area, and process deficiencies identified. Preventive and corrective actions are then applied to address the root causes of performance problems.

Measure Process Performance

Key performance indicators can be set for both safety and quality measurements. For example, set KPIs for damage or defects by location, division, or other variable. When an online defect report is received by the system, KPIs automatically update and responsible managers in user-defined custom groups are notified via email.

Customer Focus

OmniSMS lets customers provide feedback directly into the system without logging in. You configure the type(s) of feedback desired, and your customer can attach documents and images to the report submission. Analytics provide number of feedbacks received, type of feedback, affected process, etc., and help you identify and evaluate customer satisfaction, process performance, and product conformity. Then prioritize your internal audits

SMS / QMS Risk Assessment and Workflow

OmniSMS uses two aligned risk assessment methods: reactive Event Risk classification (ER) and proactive Risk Assessment (RA). They use the same workflow, but provide a critical distinction:

  • For events that occur (e.g., product non-conformity), ER identifies and analyzes the effectiveness of controls that prevented the non-conformity from becoming an unairworthy part in service;
  • For system analysis and management of change, proactive RA permits multi-dimensional assessments of People, Assets, Reputation, and Environment.

After analysis and assessment, OmniSMS’ user-friendly workflow continues with branched investigations, identification of contributing and causal factors (root causes), recommendations for improvement, preventive / corrective actions, CAP acceptance, monitoring, and follow-up. Tasks display on users’ calendars, and auto-email alerts assure nothing is overlooked.

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Example of OmniSMS process taxonomy for aerospace design and manufacturing firms

All taxonomies within OmniSMS are admin-defined to align the system with your defined processes. Taxonomies that do not apply to your operations are easily hidden.