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OmniSMS meets all Transport Canada, EASA, ICAO and IS-BAO SMS standards, as well as 14 CFR Part 5 and the SMS Voluntary Program – The right choice for Part 135 operators.

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You don’t need to sign up for FAA’s SMS Voluntary Program to begin using the Part 5 / SMSVP standard! This is the best way to prepare for Part 135 SMS mandates when they arrive.

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Part 135 SMS

Meet FAA's Proposed SMS Standards

Why Wait?

Don’t wait for FAA to mandate SMS! Get started now with the OmniSMS™ aviation management system, and be ready for SMS mandates with no surprises. If you’re a U.S. Part 135 operator, here’s what you need to know:

  • FAR Part 5 is the current rule addressing safety management systems.
  • Advisory Circular AC 120-92B provides guidance for compliance with the Part 5 rule.
  • Additional guidance is found in FAA Order 8900.1 Volume 17, Chapter 3 – SMSVP
  • Part 5 is currently applicable to 121 air carriers only.

So where does that leave Part 135 operators? The only FAA standard available at this time is FAA’s SMS Voluntary Program (SMSVP). As the name implies, it’s non-regulatory, and almost identical to the requirements of Part 5 / AC 120-92B. SMSVP provides an opportunity to meet these new regulatory challenges before deadlines loom.

Wanna really be proactive?

OmniSMS includes everything needed to become an active participant in FAA’s SMSVP and addresses all phases of SMS development. Using the OmniSMS system as a starting point (including our SMS Manual, supporting programs, audit checklists and SMS eLearning courses), your gap analysis can be completed in less than an hour, and FAA’s design validation and design performance assessments should go smoothly. That’s because OmniSMS has been specifically designed to meet Part 5 / AC 120-92B and the SMSVP standard:

  • A fully configurable and robust employee reporting system supports ASAP and ERC Best Practices;
  • Report-driven safety key performance indicators automatically trigger an alert if a report causes a threshold to be exceeded;
  • Omni’s SMS Manual includes specific regulatory references (SRRs) that enable rapid gap analysis and easy oversight (makes principal inspectors happy);
  • Supporting programs include an Emergency Response Plan, Event Investigation Program, and Internal Evaluation Program;
  • Audit checklists go beyond confirming compliance with a standard, and measure the performance of your operational processes;
  • Event Risk Classification for reported occurrences takes the guesswork out of analyzing the risk of events that have already occurred;
  • A wizard-like system description/analysis method creates your system description as you configure OmniSMS taxonomies (saves time and produces your Safety Risk Profile);
  • A method of sending minor, low-risk reports and issues directly to process owners for correction, so your safety committee or SAG doesn’t get bogged down with them;
  • SMS eLearning courses for front-line personnel, managers, safety staff, and the accountable executive.

Everything is centrally located in the super-fast and powerful OmniSMS web application, accessible from your cell phone, tablet or desktop, anywhere in the world.

OmniSMS: Scalable and Configurable

OmniSMS is the fourth version of the award-winning Incident Reporter desktop program, designed for FedEx ramp ops. Winner of the prestigious FedEx “BZ” award for excellence, Incident Reporter was designed from the ground up to be easy-to-use and configurable, so it could be tailored to each FedEx ramp operation’s unique needs.

OmniSMS v4 carries on this concept of total client configuration. Control the implementation of your SMS by initially restricting online reporting to safety-related hazards, incidents and near-accidents. Then as workloads permit, enable event and irregularity reporting, multi-branched investigations, LOSA observations and customer feedback for management of quality issues. Add ASAP at any time, or an additional employee group to your ASAP; feed equipment failures and associated ATA/JASC codes and investigation results into your CASS; post operational performance indicators (such as flight interruptions due to system/component failure) on the OmniSMS dashboard for everyone to see.

There has never been a better way to improve your products and services.

Examples of ASAP reporting interfaces in OmniSMS