OmniSMS Management System

Each unique OmniSMS database instance is hosted on secure servers with multiple internet pipelines, SSL encryption, redundant drives, hourly backups, and maximum security.

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OmniSMS Web Application

OmniSMS is an aviation safety (SMS) and quality (QMS) management system that uses structured, user-defined data to produce superior performance. Our design team has developed the structure, consisting of:

  • Hazards, threats, errors, procedural / regulatory violations, human factors, and organizational influences;
  • Positive interventions, barriers, controls, and recovery measures;
  • Undesired states, voluntary-reportable events, and mandatory-reportable occurrences (MORs);
  • Classifications of irregularities, minor incidents, serious incidents, and accidents.

The OmniSMS design team has also created numerous sub-groups and terms within these structured taxonomies, within which your data is organized.

System Configuration

When your company first configures your unique instance of OmniSMS, department managers review these data sets and simply hide, modify or add terms as desired to align the system with your unique operations, the hazards / threats each department faces, and the barriers / controls that are in place to mitigate those threats. This serves three essential purposes:

  1. Your internal subject matter experts are engaged during system configuration, and the many terms presented stimulate brainstorming and hazard identification;
  2. As the system is configured, an initial system description and analysis is generated and your significant safety issue list (SSIL, also known as a safety risk profile) is created;
  3. Safety objectives, tied to safety policy, are agreed upon and established. Safety key performance indicators (SKPIs) are then created to monitor and measure safety performance.

The best part?  System configuration can be completed in just a few hours.

OmniSMS – As Unique as Your Instance

Each organization has its own unique and branded instance of the OmniSMS application which resides at a unique URL address. Most companies link to their OmniSMS portal from the organization’s intranet or public website. True anonymous reporting is provided by accessing the reporting form without logging in. This also allows customers to provide feedback; an essential feature of any quality management system and continued operational safety (COS).  Each unique instance of OmniSMS supports hundreds of simultaneous users. It’s the last SMS / QMS database you’ll ever need, because it was designed for you to configure, scale, expand upon, and enhance. That means optimal performance over time.

Make your SMS work like it’s supposed to; check out OmniSMS today!

Brand, configure, customize... Make OmniSMS work for you!


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White Paper: The OmniSMS v4.1 Web Application

devices-w-omnisms-copycrop1The OmniSMS web application is a powerful quality management tool that supports every process owner in every department, each with their own customized taxonomies of hazards, human factors and barriers/risk controls.

Root cause analysis goes beyond the 5-why method to support multiple branches with separate investigations in more than one department.