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Modern Safety Management Methods

Modern Safety Management Methods is a formal, 2-day classroom continuing SMS education course, delivered at your place of business to senior management, department managers and safety staff. Learning is reinforced with case studies, sample exercises and a workbook with references for future study. The OmniSMS web application is utilized extensively to demonstrate the practical application of advanced SMS methods, while meeting ICAO, Transport Canada and FAA regulatory requirements for SMS.

Course Content

Practical applications of advanced SMS tools and concepts are taught, beginning with the importance of structured safety data and the need for a suitable software application, even in the smallest organizations.

Reactive SRM topics include reporting interfaces / outputs, event risk classification, efficient management of reports, and the use of investigation methodologies such as the ‘5-whys’ method (with its limitations), the Safety through Organizational Learning (SOL) method, and Boeing’s proven MEDA / REDA tools. Learn why structured taxonomies of hazards, threats, barriers/controls and other human and organizational factors are so important in generating actionable investigative reports and recommendations.

Proactive SRM topics include how to define a hazard and its associated risks using hazard statements, risk scenarios, and ‘top events’; how to develop both a comprehensive system analysis (as used during management review) and a narrowly-defined system analysis (e.g., when simply changing a procedure); how to ‘tame the bowtie’ and make this great tool work for you, rather than allowing it to become unwieldy and overwhelming. Learn to appreciate why FAA’s SMSVP stasndard requires a system analysis before every strategic risk assessment.

Predictive SRM topics cover how to effectively integrate a Flight Data Analysis Program (FDAP aka FOQA) into your SMS; how to bring meaningful SMS data into your CASS; how to implement simple LOSA-Flight, LOSA-Mx and LOSA-Ramp programs with minimum expense; …and what to do with all this data! Learn why threat and error management (TEM) data collection is one of the best ways to predict and prevent accidents, in all departments.


This course requires basic knowledge of safety and quality management concepts and terms. Satisfactory completion of one of Omni’s eLearning courses: Initial SMS Training for Managers (or) Recurrent SMS Training for Managers (within the last 12 months) satisfies this requirement.


Learners complete this course by successfully passing a written test. A certificate of completion is provided. Upon completion of this course, process owners and other stakeholders will have an in-depth understanding of these SMS methods and tools, and be able to apply them in their respective departments’ safety and quality management efforts.

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