SMS Manuals and Programs


Professionally developed and ready for use with Omni’s web-based SMS e-Learning courses.


SMS Training Program

SMS Training – Safety Promotion’s Essential Element

The Omni SMS Training Program has been developed from guidance contained in ICAO Document 9859: Safety Management Manual and the FAA Academy’s International Training Program on Safety Management Systems. This formal written training program provides training and qualification methods, instructions and procedures for all employee groups. Courses are provided for front-line personnel, managers, and company executives. The program is designed for use with Omni’s initial and recurrent computer based training modules.

Utilizing ICAO’s recommended ‘building-block’ approach to training, each module builds on knowledge gained in previous modules, and managers’ courses build on knowledge gained in the personnel course. The program is designed to support phases II, III, and IV of SMS implementation as set forth in ICAO Doc 9859.

Training programs are typically approved by regulators. In order to approve such programs, categories of training must be established and objectives, instructional methods, and completion standards must be defined. Qualification standards are also necessary with written tests corrected to 100%, to assure that no gaps in knowledge remain.

SMS Training Program

Here’s a sample of the Omni SMS Training Program, which includes the following subject areas and more:

  • Understanding the SMS;
  • Roles and responsibilities of personnel and managers;
  • Human factors and organizational safety;
  • Hazard identification and reporting;
  • Root cause analysis;
  • Management of change.

All regulatory authorities require SMS training to be developed in conjunction with various phases of SMS implementation. There is no faster nor better way to meet these requirements than to utilize the professional training materials developed by Omni Air Group. Edit / modify and brand the MS WORD template and start training your personnel and management team right away.

Save time and money with the Omni SMS Training Program and e-Learning Courses.