SMS Manuals and Programs


Professionally developed and ready for use with the OmniSMS web application, or stand-alone.

Internal evaluation program

Quality Assurance / Internal Evaluation Program

Integrate your Safety and Quality Management Systems

Omni’s Internal Evaluation Program provides managers with the written guidance they need to properly manage proactive safety assurance and quality assurance activities. Like all Omni guidance, it’s professionally written and incorporates essential safety attributes. This includes responsibilities and authorities of department managers and auditors, as well as competency requirements, auditing procedures, disposition of findings, and interfaces with other manuals. The IEP is written to meet FAA’s SMS Voluntary Program (SMSVP) standards, as well as those of Transport Canada, EASA, ICAO, IS-BAO, and most global regulatory authorities.

If your regulator or outside auditors want changes, it’s fast and easy to edit the IEP template, which Omni provides in MS WORD format. Then publish as a PDF for upload to the OmniSMS application, and be assured your people are always using the most current and revised guidance. Alternatively, many organizations choose to copy and paste from the document template into their current quality assurance manual.

Sample Internal Evaluation Program

Developed to work specifically with the OmniSMS web application, the IEP provides a truly integrated safety and quality management system. On the safety side, this integrated SMS/QMS supports internal audits and evaluations, external audits of vendors, and outside audits / evaluations by regulatory agencies and other non-governmental organizations. For quality assurance, the system supports compliance monitoring, C.A.S.E. audits, and the Aerospace industry’s AS9100 QMS standard.

Published industry standards (e.g., IOSA, ISSA, CASE, AS9110 / AS9120) are supported within the OmniSMS application by enabling desired standards and hiding those that do not apply. Internally developed standards can also be supported by adding terms to configurable taxonomies within OmniSMS.

Outputs of an integrated SMS/QMS are the harmonized identification of human factors and organizational influences, regardless of whether a safety audit or quality assurance audit is performed. This puts safety and quality managers on the same page, using the same system to manage their unique responsibilities.

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