OmniSMS Management System

OmniSMS is affordable for any size company.

Aviation Management System

OmniSMS Pricing

Omni Air Group’s tiered pricing structure makes the OmniSMS aviation management system affordable for any size organization. OmniSMS subscriptions start at only $500.00 per month, plus $10.00 per employee* per month. Discounts may also apply to eligible organizations. Contact Omni Air Group today for a quote!

OmniSMS Subscription

OmniSMS is a total safety and quality management solution. This comprehensive subscription service delivers:

  • Professionally developed SMS manual, emergency response plan and event investigation program templates
  • Quality assurance program template with audit checklists (for compliance monitoring, internal evaluations, vendor audits, and management reviews)
  • OmniSMS web application (mobile-friendly, online reporting, auto-emails, user-defined FRAT / GRAT tools, memo system, reference library and more)
  • Monthly human factors newsletter (new!)
  • SMS e-Learning courses for personnel and managers (discounted at 50% off published rates)
  • Initial system setup and training for administrators (4 hrs. via telephone, email, remote desktop)
  • System support / SMS consulting services for the life of your subscription (includes free upgrades and improvements to your OmniSMS system)

* OmniSMS pricing is based on the number of employees you have in safety-related jobs. This includes part-time, full-time and seasonal employees in flight ops / ops control / maintenance / ramp / cargo / parts / warehouse, etc. and supervisors, managers, owners / directors.

Safety Management System Classes and e-Learning Courses

Our SMS training picks up where other theoretical courses leave off. These courses address practical, real-world application of SMS theory, based on ICAO, FAA and Transport Canada Safety Management System models.

SMS e-Learning Courses

SMS Training for Personnel: USD $180 per person  Learn more…

SMS Training for Managers: USD $270 per manager  Learn more…

Classroom Training

Introduction to Safety Management Systems: USD $495 per person

Based on FAA and USFS models for SMS training, this two-day, 16-hour course of SMS training is for supervisors, managers and senior management; teaches SMS theory and concepts from a real-world, industry perspective. Delivered at your place of business (minimum enrollment: 8 persons).

Modern Safety Management Methods: USD $495 per person

Two-day, 16-hour course of SMS continuing education for process owners, department managers and senior management; teaches the application of advanced SMS tools such as MEDA / REDA event investigation, ARMS Event Risk Classification (ERC) and SIRA (hazard statement / risk scenario / top event methodology), best practices for ASAP / VDRP integration, advanced bow-tie analysis, and more. Delivered at your place of business (minimum enrollment: 8 persons).

SMS Consulting Services: USD $120 per hr.

Free initial consultations; lifetime support with your OmniSMS subscription)

Call us at 1+760.239.7895 to discuss which SMS products and services are right for your organization.