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IS-BAO Audit / ISBAO Registration

IS-BAO / Safety Audits

Which Standard is Right for You?

The IS-BAO is an internationally recognized and accepted safety standard for business aircraft operations. Compliance with the IS-BAO requires, among other things, a Safety Management System. But the IS-BAO SMS standard falls short of FAA’s SMS Voluntary Program (SMSVP) requirements.  Is the IS-BAO the right standard for your organization? If you’re a non-commercial operator, then by all means, yes. But if you are a US Part 135 operator, now is a good time to look ahead and meet the challenges that SMS mandates for part 135 operators will present.

Now you can achieve IS-BAO registration AND meet FAA’s SMSVP standard, with the OmniSMS aviation management system. If you are already certificated or are considering becoming a Part 135 operator, OmniSMS has also been proven to meet the Air Charter Safety Foundation’s stringent audit requirements. FAA and ACSF standards for Safety Management Systems are the highest SMS standards in the world.

IS-BAO Registration

If you are seeking an IS-BAO Certificate of Registration, we can help. Our proven Safety Management System has helped many of our clients achieve the IS-BAO.

IS-BAO Audit

If you’re in need of an IS-BAO registration audit, we have an accredited IS-BAO auditor on staff. From Pre-Audit Inspections to formal IS-BAO Safety Audits, our extensive background in safety and aviation management can provide you with unique insight into factors affecting safe operations. For smaller flight departments, audits are typically 2 days on-site; formal audit results within one week.

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If you are using the OmniSMS aviation management system, Omni will be unable to perform your IS-BAO registration audit due to a conflict of interest. You really don’t want anyone auditing their own work now, do you?